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The NMSU Las Cruces campus is much like a small city, and through the efforts of 300 staff, Facilities and Services (FS) is responsible for close to 300 buildings, the roadway and utilities infrastructure, fire protection, and the environmental health and safety of close to 30,000 people.

The NMSU Fire Department, a division of FS, is entrusted with emergency and non-emergency response for all medical and fire related incidents within the Las Cruces Main Campus and Doña Ana Community College. In addition, we have mutual aid agreements with our neighbors in the County and the City of Las Cruces. In 2013, we responded to 1,175 calls for service.

We provide 24-hour service all year long. We do so with our equipment which consists of one ladder truck, two engines, one rescue truck and one utility truck. Our engine company is staffed with a captain or lieutenant, driver/operator, and one or two firefighters.

Our student firefighters are being trained to the IFSAC Firefighter II level. We also train in technical rescue, hazardous materials, Company Officer, and as Driver Operators. We are licensed Emergency Medical Technicians through the State of New Mexico. Most of our students are at the basic level, but a few of us have obtained the advanced level.

We provide a range of services since our volunteer establishment in 1921. Today, we offer CPR classes to the public, staff, faculty and students. In additional, we provide free fire extinguisher training, tours of our fire station and apparatus, building inspections, and fire safety presentations within the community. Just as our mission statement reads, “We are here to provide exceptional service to our community!”


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