Don’t Drink and Drive

It’s Alcohol Awareness Month. Team up with the NMSU Fire Department in making graduation a great time. Get tips on how to stay safe.

Graduation time is once again almost upon us! At the NMSU Fire Department, we are dedicated in ensuring you have a great celebration. Here are a few things to remember while planning your graduation events.

  • Designate a driver if you are going to be drinking.
  • Operating under the influence will cost you money. The average total cost (fines, fees, surcharges, etc.) for a first time conviction is approximately $7800. Subsequent convictions bring higher costs and imprisonment.
  • Plan ahead. Whenever you know you will be drinking alcohol, go with a designated driver or utilize other options, such as public transportation bus, train, taxi, or walking.

If you’re hosting a party, make sure your guests are sober and do not drive intoxicated.

With these few tips in mind, congratulations on your graduation and best of luck in your career!

Go Aggies!


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