Emergency Response

The NMSU Fire Department is one of a few University campus fire departments in the United States that are staffed with a combination of career and student firefighters.

The NMSU Las Cruces campus is much like a small city, with approximately 15,000 students, faculty, staff and visitors daily.  We maintain a current ISO class 2/2X rating while responding to 1,112 calls in 2017 throughout campus and by providing mutual aid in Doña County. Our busiest time is during daytime hours from 9am to 7pm. This is a direct correspondence with the amount of people on campus.

Our staff is trained to respond to a wide array of emergencies. 56% of our responses are for emergency medical service. At a minimum, we are licensed at the Emergency Technician Basic level, but several of our staff our licensed at the Advanced level.

In addition, we respond to all types of non-medical emergencies to include but not limited to:  hazardous materials, rope rescue, confined space rescue, fires in structures, fires in vehicles, vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, wild land fires, service calls, good intent and fire alarms.



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