Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Where can I sign up for CPR classes?

Call the NMSU Fire Department during normal business hours to sign up for a class. Follow this link for more information about our CPR classes.

Where can I sign up for fire extinguisher training classes?

Please sign up for classes through Training Central. If you have a group and want a different time, please contact our Administration office at 575-646-2519 to schedule a private session.

If I have an expired, old, used portable fire extinguisher. How do I replace it?

Please create an AiM Work Order request.

Do you get cats out of trees/telephone poles or roofs?

No, it is best to allow cats to come down on their own, generally when they get hungry.

Will you unlock my car if my keys are inside?

NMSU Fire Department will only unlock a car if these circumstances exist:

    1. 1. Person(s) locked in a vehicle that is incapable of unlocking the vehicle and is in immediate danger due to heat or another medical condition or pet(s) locked in closed vehicle without air conditioning.
    1. 2. Vehicle locked and running INSIDE of a structure producing a hazardous atmosphere.
    1. 3. Medications locked in the vehicle that is needed for immediate use.
    4. Other situations where the locked condition of the vehicle is an obvious threat to the safety of persons or property.

How do I become an NMSU firefighter?

How come I see a fire truck with full lights and sirens slow down?

Firefighters are constantly fed information from our dispatch center to update them on the status of an emergency. Most likely when you see an emergency vehicle go lights and siren through a red light and then slow down and turn off the emergency lights, they have been cancelled from the call they were going on.

If I want to have a barbeque on campus, what do I do?

Having a barbeque on campus is considered opening burning. Open burning is defined as any open/exposed flame, whether indoors or outdoors, which could cause a potential fire hazard (i.e., bonfires, campfires, leaf burning, artwork involving flames, pyrotechnics of any kind, etc.).

a. Approvals: Open burning on any NMSU property must be approved in writing by filling out an Activity Registration Form.
b. Open burning indoors is prohibited.
c. Open burning outdoors – Open burning outdoors may be authorized under the following conditions:

  • 1. An Activity Registration Form is sent to Campus Activity two (2) weeks in advance of the event or operation;
    2. The proposed burning will not endanger any adjacent building, vehicles or vegetation;
    3. The burn location will not block access for emergency vehicles to any building, street or emergency device;
    4. Open flame fires will not be within 50 feet of any flammable storage area (the distance may be increased according to the size of the event), and 25 feet of any building, vehicle or vegetation;
    5. The event coordinator provides a Fire Guard as required by FD;
    6. The event coordinator will contact FD, Campus Police, and occupants of adjacent buildings 24 hours in advance of the event or operation for final coordination;
    7. The event coordinator of the open burning will be responsible for complete extinguishment and removal of all materials used in the open burning;
    8. A 5 to 30-minute watch will be made (as determined by FD) to ensure there is no residual heat left in the material;
    9. All requirements of the New Mexico Environmental Department are met; and/or
    10. Agricultural and/or weed control by burning is prohibited.


When do I have to fill out an Activity Registration Form?

University Policy requires most events (on or off campus) sponsored by student organizations and/or university departments be authorized through the activity registration process. The Activity Registration Form should be completed by student organizations and/or NMSU Departments when the majority of the attendees will be NMSU students and staff. Depending on the complexity of the event, authorization could require up to 2 weeks to complete.


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