NMSU Fire Department Mission Statement & Vision Statement

NMSU Fire Department logo

Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of emergent and non-emergency response within the New Mexico State University main campus and adjacent community. Our goal is to mitigate and minimize the loss of life, loss due to injury and to protect resources and property.


Vision Statement


We provide the students, facility, staff and visitors the highest quality of service possible, characterized by responsiveness, integrity and professionalism.


We provide the university our full commitment and dedication; we will promote teamwork and inspire each other through pride in our department and community.


Each member of NMSU Fire Department has their own personality and bears many quality traits.  We provide each other a working environment characterized by trust and respect by fostering open and honest communication at all levels. We owe ourselves personal and professional growth. When combined through new knowledge and greater challenges we remain at the leading edge of our profession.


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