Smoking on Campus

Can I smoke on campus?

To help the safety of the students, faculty, visitors, and buildings on campus it is important that everyone knows and respects the NMSU Smoking Policy. The New Mexico State University Fire Department would like to remind you of when and where it is acceptable to smoke.

  • Smoke is permitted on campus but you must be at least 25 feet away from any of the buildings entrances and exits and 50 feet from any area containing flammable materials.
  • Smoking is prohibited in or at all enclosed buildings and facilities including classrooms, offices, food service venues, and lavatories.
  • Absolutely no smoking is permitted in any enclosed campus facility or vehicles owned, leased or rented by the University.
  • Smoking may be permitted in some campus housing; however that must be discussed with NMSU Campus Housing.
  • Smoking is not permitted in dorm rooms.

If you do smoke on campus please make sure to dispose of your cigarette butts properly. There are several ashtrays located outside of the NMSU facilities. When disposing of the butts be sure that they have been extinguished before you leave them.

In light of numerous adverse health effects associated with active smoking, and with exposure to second hand smoke, the University will provide educational services to faculty, staff, and students about the hazards of smoking and information and services on quitting smoking. In addition to consulting with their own health care providers, students, faculty, and staff may get assistance from the following University programs.

Thank you and be safe!

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