Holiday Safe Travel Tips

It is always important to be safe when driving and the New Mexico State University Fire Department would like to remind you that you must be even more cautious during these holiday months. Typically, there are more drivers you will be sharing the roads with and the higher possibility of hazardous road conditions. Please take a look at these tips and share them with friends!

• Leave early–give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.0255_Single Keys_Cropped
• Don’t drive with an attitude. If you are upset, pull over and cool down or better yet—let someone else drive.
• Don’t drink and drive.
• Don’t use your cellphone while driving; pull off the road if you need to use it—driving requires your full attention.
• Keep your eyes on the road at all times—stay fresh and alert.
• Maintain your vehicle—get that tune up!
• Use extreme caution in work zones—keep your speed down.
• Keep your windshield and lights clean.
• Know when to use your bright lights.
• Pull over and stop your vehicle if you do not feel comfortable driving in the presenting weather conditions.
• Be flexible in your driving plans.

Have a safe holiday season!

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